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15.09.2018 - 22.09.2018

6th FAI European Paragliding Accuracy Championship

15.09.2018 - 22.09.2018

Kobarid Slovenia

15.09.2018 - 22.09.2018

6th FAI European Paragliding Accuracy Championship

15.09.2018 - 22.09.2018

Kobarid is a pleasant little town that gained recognition during the First World War.

The area of Kobarid, a small town under the mighty Mt. Krn (2244 m), extends beyond the town of Kobarid and its surroundings to Breginjski kot, Livško, the gorge of Trnovska soteska – centre of rafting and kayaking exploits – and the wonderful mountain villages under Mt. Krn (Drežnica, Vrsno and Krn).

Villages under Mt. Krn may be divided into two areas: the area of Drežnica and the area of the villages of Krn and Vrsno.
Villages under Mt. Krn may be divided into two areas: the area of Drežnica below Mt. Krn’s western rock wall, and the area of the villages of Krn and Vrsno beneath the southern slopes of this majestic mountain.

World War I also touched the villages under Mt. Krn. One may come across the remnants of defence lines and fortifications with virtually every step throughout the surrounding mountainous countryside, particularly at the outdoor museum Zaprikraj. In fact, the majority of current mountain pathways run along the supply routes, which the warring factions were constructing to reach their respective front lines.

The most widely known cultural artefacts of the region are the unique Drežnica Masks made of wood. Locals still follow tradition and organize carnival festivities, which faithfully recreate the masks’ ancient usage.

The village of Drežnica also prides itself on quite a few private collections, among which is the most attractive Botognice Collection, compiled by Mirko Kurinčič and dedicated to World War I.
Worth visiting for its appeal is the native house of the well-known historian Simon Rutar, situated in the village of Krn, whereas in the village of Vrsno the greatest magnet for the majority of visitors proves to be the birthplace of celebrated Slovenian poet Simon Gregorčič (the “Gorica Nightingale”).

Waterfalls and basins:
Under the village of Koseč are the basins and waterfalls of the stream Brsnik.
Near village Vrsno and Selce is waterfall Brinta.

Mountain lakes:
Lake Lužnica is to be found after a two-hour walk above the village of Krn, whereas the considerably larger Lake Krn is situated on the other side of the mountain.
A unique peculiarity of the region, which deserves to be seen, is the gigantic stone mushroom below the village of Krn.


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