2017 Paragliding Accuracy pre-European Championship

21.09.2017 - 24.09.2017

6th FAI Paragliding Accuracy European Championship

15.09.2018 - 22.09.2018

2017 Paragliding Accuracy World Cup tour Slovenia

21.09.2017 - 24.09.2017

Kobarid Slovenia

21.09.2017 - 24.09.2017



If you need to travel from the airport, train station, … you might want to use GoOpti service to get here. It is a Low-cost shuttle transfer, very popular here in Slovenia. You just have to book in advance. Give them your flight number and arrival time, and they will notify you about 24h prior to arrival on exact time of the pickup. In most cases it will be a shared ride in a van.

Here are some of their pickup spots, but you can also use private address.

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